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In this section, you will discover a wonderful collection of mugs with a retro theme. Every time you drink your tea or coffee from one of these, you (or the recipient) will be reminded of the good times, as well as how old you really are!

Many of these mugs will make a lovely gift idea for anyone who grew up in the 70s or 80s, retro TV/gaming fans etc. Some mugs are humourous, too, and the funniest mug award has to go to the Lionel Richie "is it tea your looking for?" mug - I'll drink to that!

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* NEW * 80s Triangles Pattern Mug

A gorgeous, colourful design available only from Redbubble. Available as a tall, standard or travel mug.


* NEW * Memphis Vibes Mug

A vibrant 80s inspired design by Holly Bender for Redbubble. Also available as a travel mug.


* NEW *80s Geometric Shapes Mug

An eye-catching, colourful design that is exclusive to Redbubble


Radio 1 FM Mug

Featuring the logo from the 80s


* NEW * Star Wars Heat Change Mug by Disney
Fill with your favourite hot drink and watch the lightsabers light up in different colours. Officially licensed.
Star Wars Stormtrooper 3D Mug by Disney
Officially licensed an gift boxed. Hand painted detailing with all over glaze.

Thumbs Up Robocop Mug

Hand over your coffee license and registration please, Robocup is coming to a kitchen near you!

Space Invaders Mug

Relive the early 80s gaming era with this British-made, high quality ceramic mug. An ideal gift idea for retro gaming fans. Plus, many other designs...

Official Ivor The Engine "All Aboard!" Mug

Remind yourself or a friend of simpler times with this delightful gift-boxed mug featuring the famous steam engine.

Official Top Cat Cartoon Mug

I spent many an hour watching this Hanna Barbera cartoon back in the 1970s. This officially licensed mug features a quality, vivid design and includes the message "he's the most tip top, Top Cat!" inside the mug.

Commodore Logo Mugs

I really like this design and this mug would make for the perfect gift for anyone who used a Commodore 64 or Amiga back in the day and also 8-bit gaming fans.

Atari Mugs

Atari was a major part of the 80s gaming market, and was responsible for classic such as Asteroids and Missile Command. By far, the best range of mugs can be found at Redbubble.com.


Rubik's Cube Mugs

Rather than struggling to complete the cube, sit back, relax and drink tea out of one instead! There are many designs available.

Mr. Tea Mug
The A-Team - Mr. Tea Mugs

This Mr. Tea - A-Team mug is an amusing gift idea and is guaranteed to get a laugh!.A nice idea -  you better buy one of these fool!

Snickering Muttley Mug

This cartoon mug would make a great gift idea for anyone who's old enough to remember the classic Dastardly & Muttley and Wacky Races cartoons from the 70s. Sit back and think of Muttley's throaty snigger while having a brew! Other designs available...

Penelope Pitstop Mugs

Not only was this girl in Wacky Races, but she also had her own show The Perils of Penelope Pitstop, in which, she frequently let out a cry for "heyelp!". There are several designs available.

Only Fools and Horses Mugs

Celebrate the funniest comedy of the 80s with one of many designs featuring Del Boy and Rodney with catchphrases such as "This time next year we'll be millionaires", "Lovely Jubbly" and "You Plonker!"

The Goonies Never Say Die Mug
The Goonies Mugs

There are many great designs available and this mug features the "Never Say Die" quote from the classic 80s kids' film. A lovely gift idea for fans of the movie.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mugs

Cowabunga! At least, I think that's what they said? There are plenty of  awesome mug designs available for fans of the original cartoon series.

Lionel Richie Funny Mug
Lionel Richtea (Richie) "Hello... is it tea you're looking for?" funny mug.

Now, this is hilarious and a great gift idea for those old enough to remember the classic song. There are several choices available...

Eighties Child Mug

Suitable for any 80s child, this includes nostalgic photos of toys inc. Care Bears, Trollz, Barbie, Wuzzles  - remember them?

Born in the Electric 80's Mug
Electric 80s Mug

"Born in the Electric 80s" mug. A fantastic gift idea for anyone born in the 80s.

Royal Worcester 3-Piece Paddington Bear Dinner Set

This refined china set would make a wonderful gift for any fan of the animated film or series and comprises of a gift-packaged mug, plate and cereal bowl.

Bagpuss Hand-Sculpted 3D Mug

This was a charming children's TV series, and this lovely, official mug has been hand-sculpted and comes in a gift box.

Funny "Made in the 70's" Mug

This groovy disco design mug would be an ideal Birthday present for anyone born in (or lived through) this era, and features a glitter ball, vinyl and disco dancers.

Captain Caveman Mug

Another favourite cartoon from the 70s. Celebrate your childhood with a mug full of your favourite beverage while shouting out "Captain Caaavemaaaannn!"

Danger Mouse Mugs

Celebrate this very British retro cartoon with a stylish character mug featuring Dangermouse, Penfold and other characters from the series.

70s Style Pattern Mug

Transport yourself back to when everything used to be brown and orange with this gorgeous retro wallpaper pattern mug.

Classic Retro Batman Logo Mugs

There are lots of designs available for fans of the caped crusader. An ideal gift for anyone who grew-up watching the camp TV series or reading the comics. 

Back To The Future Mug

Celebrate one of the best-loved and well-known 80s Movies starring Michael J. Fox.

Cadbury's Cocoa Fine Bone China Mug
Vintage Cadbury's Mug

Perfect for filling up with cocoa, this official fine-bone china mug featuring a boy cricketer would make for a delightful vintage style gift.

VW Camper Van Retro Mug
VW Camper Van Mugs

One of these cute, hand-painted mugs is sure to put a smile on the face of a camper van fan/owner or anyone who has always dreamed of owning one. Plus, many other designs available...

Retro Doctor Who Logo Mug
Classic Doctor Who Mugs

This retro style Doctor Who logo mug is a must-have for any fan of the original 60s-80s series and comes in a retro gift box.

Camera Lens Coffee Mug

A realistic looking and very popular camera lens mug with a cap for holding your biscuits.The ideal gift for photographers.

Pepe Le Pew Mug

Pepe Le Pew Mug

This cartoon character certainly knew how to kick up a stink, and there are a number of mugs available featuring the amorous skunk.

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