Rick Astley - "Together Forever"

By Mark Nobes and Hannah Johnson

Released on 18th June 1988, and structurally sounding pretty similar to his debut single (which was, of course, the chart-topping "Never Gonna Give You Up") "Together Forever" was the British singer/songwriter's fourth single to be released from Rick Astley's 4 x Platinum debut album Whenever You Need Somebody. However, in the U.S. and Canada one more track was released entitled "It Would Take A Strong, Strong Man", which topped the Canadian charts.

"Together Forever" was kept off the top spot in the UK singles chart by another Stock, Aitken and Waterman classic, "I Should Be So Lucky" by Kylie Minogue.
You can listen to the original 12" Lover's Leap Extended Remix further down the page. The official video and also the B-side is further down this page.
In 2019, Rick released a "reimagined" piano-based version of "Together Forever" for his compilation album The Best of Me.

Rick Astley's most well-known and best-selling song was his signature debut song which I've already mentioned above, and this topped the singles charts in 25 countries including the UK, U.S. and Canada. 

Rick still holds the record for being the only solo male artist to have his first eight singles all reach the Top Ten in the UK singles chart. Seven of these songs were released in the late 80s, and after Cry for Help reached #7 in 1991, his next three singles failed to break into the Top 40.

Astley retired in 1993, but returned in 2001 with a new album called Keep It Turned On, which was only released in Germany. In 2010, he released his first song in the UK for seventeen years (Hopelessly reached #33 in 1993). Entitled "Lights Out", the track only managed to reach #97.

Smash Hits Review

As a guest reviewer for Smash Hits magazine (10-23 Feb 1988), Patsy Kensit gave a negative review of the song. "It's not as good as 'Never Gonna Give You Up', because I really liked that. A lot of his songs sound like the same backing track, to be frank. Just with different singing on the top. You don't really have me in raptures on this one". However, on a more positive note, Patsy went on to say "He's got a brilliant voice" and "I love his dancing".

Chart Performance

"Together Forever" reached No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S., and this was the British singer/songwriter's second and final chart-topper here. The song also reached No.1 on the Irish Singles Chart. the RPM Top Singles chart in Canada and Spain's main Promusicae music chart.
Together Forever vinyl ft. Rick Astley

"Together Forever" 7" vinyl single 


In the colourful and fun video for the song, Rick performs with three female dancers, and the lucky fella receives kisses from them at one point - he's definitely enjoying all that attention from the girls! There is also a snippet of him on the phone talking to his girlfriend - it's a landline, of course, this was the 80s!


UK 7 Inch Vinyl Single - RCA - PB 41817

A. Together Forever (Lover's Leap Remix) - 3:20

B. I'll Never Set You Free - 3:30

UK 12 Inch Vinyl Single - RCA - PT 41818

A. Together Forever (Lover's Leap Extended remix) - 7:00

B. I'll Never Set You Free - 3:30

UK Cassette Single - RCA - PB 41817C

A1. Together Forever (Lover's Leap Remix)

A2. I'll Never Set You Free

A3. Never Gonna Give You Up (12" version)

The B-side contained the same track listing as the A-side.

UK 12 Inch Vinyl (House Of Love Mix) - RCA - PT 41818 R

A. Together Forever (House Of Love Mix) - 6:50

B. I'll Never Set You Free - 3:30


The lyrics are pretty much self-explanatory, and describe the desire to live with someone they love and stay together with them for the rest of their life. "It's never changing, can't you hear me I'm saying, I want you for the rest of my life".
Together Forever rear vinyl sleeve
Rick Astley, Together Forever Lyrics Poster from Smash Hits Feb 1988
Rick Astley wearing a pin striped suit and polka dot tie in 1988

Smash Hits poster from April 1988. Here we see Rick wearing a pin striped suit with polka dot tie, and, of course, his quiffed hair style.

Rick Astley and Derek B on the cover of Smash Hits June 1988.

Rick Astley and Derek B on the cover of Smash Hits in June 1988

Rick Astley