By Mark Nobes, chief editor

The Yorkshire born singer-songwriter Robert Palmer enjoyed eight Top 40 singles in the UK during the 80's, including two with the Power Station. Addicted to Love is his most recognised song and was a #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and on the Top Rock Tracks chart in the U.S. It also topped the Australian Kent Music Report chart. In the UK, the single peaked at #5.

Taken from the album Riptide, the only other hit from the album was I Didn't Mean to Turn You On which made #2 in the U.S. and #9 in the UK. The guitar riff was played by Andy Taylor from Duran Duran. 

Robert Palmer - Addicted To Love - Maxi Single 12 Inch vinyl
The single was released in January 1986 and the B-side featured the track "Remember to Remember". I actually have the 7 inch vinyl single in my hand as I write. I don't have a very extensive collection of 7" singles, sadly, and this is the only Robert Palmer record I ever bought.
"Addicted To Love" was originally intended to be sung as a duet with the American funk and soul singer Chaka Khan. However, her record label would not allow her to work on Palmer's record label, Island Records. The lead guitar on the single is provided by Andy Taylor from Duran Duran.


The video is iconic, although it was rather controversial at the time as it upset some women's rights groups for "intentionally making women look like sex objects". However, it was Palmer's intention to create an abstract band that resembled showroom dummies, with pale skin and heavy make-up. The female models also pretend to play guitar, albeit very unconvincingly!
Palmer also replicated the idea for the videos to "I Didn't Mean To Turn You On" and "Simply Irresistible". While many would call it art, I guess that using five women merely as expressionless props was always going to upset certain groups.
Palmer, of course, is dressed like a businessman in all of these videos, and he was rarely seen without a shirt and tie during the 80s. 
Addicted To Love Video Screen Grab
The girls are; Julie Pankhurst (keyboard), Julia Bolino (guitar), Kathy Davies (drums), Patty Elias (guitar), Mak Gilchrist (bass).  


As with many of Robert's songs, the lyrics for Addicted To Love relate strongly to the title, and explain the feelings involved with being madly in love with someone, and also the how it affects your health, as in the lines "You can't sleep, you can't eat, there's no doubt, you're in deep, your throat is tight, you can't breathe, another kiss is all you need."