Become the ultimate 80s law enforcer and clear your crime-ridden town with our top choice of Robocop costumes. In 1987, Robocop was the must-see movie, and its popularity spawned a wide range of merchandise, toys, two cartoons and a TV series. 
I want to start by showing you this awesome Hollywood special effects grade Robocop costume I found on Etsy. Sadly, it costs a whopping £3,201, but I thought i'd include it here for any millionaires browsing the site!
Thankfully, there are some much reasonably priced oufits available for fancy dress purposes, and the best value, by far, is this second skin costume shown below. Second skin suits have been gaining in popularity in recent years due to their lower cost. However, if you no longer have the slim physique you had in your younger years (like myself), every lump and bump will be on display! However, for comedy effect, a beer-bellied Robocop is guaranteed to receive a few laughs, at least
The first costume featured here is basically a jumpsuit with a back zipper, making it quick and easy to climb in and out of. It's been a popular choice through this website and customer feedback has been very positive.
A Robocop suit/outift is ideal for 80s fancy dress, sci-fi themed events/conventions and Halloween.
Robocop Helmet