By Mark Nobes

The suggestive "Do Ya Do Ya (Wanna Please Me)" was Samantha Fox's second single release and featured on her debut album Touch Me. It was produced by two Steve's, Steve Lovell and Steve Power.

The single entered the UK singles chart at #24 on 22nd June 1986, and reached #10 for one week on 6th July 1. The song also reached #87 in the U.S. This was the singer's second No.1 single in Sweden.
The UK 12" vinyl included the Vixen Mix (6:13) and Extended Version (5:18). The B-side of the UK 7 inch featured the track "Never Gonna Fall in Love Again". 
Samantha Fox - Do Ya Do Ya Wanna Please Me vinyl 7 inch single sleeve
In the video, we see Miss Fox climb out of a limousine dressed in a studded leather jacket, ruffle blouse and sunglasses. For the rest of the video, the singer is performing the song with her band, as well as participating in some larking around with them. 
Do Ya Do Ya video screenshot
Touch Me was an album of ten catchy pop songs that only the 80s could produce. Released in July 2012, the deluxe edition features the original ten tracks, plus an extra CD of extended versions and mixes. This is receiving really good reviews at Amazon and if you're a Sam Fox fanatic, or maybe just someone who likes 80s pop, then this is an album you should consider adding to your collection.

Here is a listing of the extra tracks on the second CD;

1. Touch Me (I Want Your Body) (Extended Version)
2. Do Ya Do Ya (Wanna Please Me) (Extended Version)
3. Hold On Tight (Extended Version)
4. I m All You Need (Extended Version)
5. Suzie, Don t Leave Me With Your Boyfriend (Single Re-Mix) Previously Unreleased 
6. Wild Kinda Love (Remix)
7. Touch Me (I Want Your Body) (Blue Mix)
8. Do Ya Do Ya (Wanna Please Me) (Vixen Mix)
9. Rockin With My Radio (Extended Version)
10. Aim To Win (Extended Version)
Samantha Fox wearing ripped shorts in the 1980s