"Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now" by Samantha Fox

By Mark Nobes and Hannah Johnson

Following on from the success of her debut album Touch Me, Samantha Fox's record label, Jive, were eager for the singer's chart success to continue, and asked the most successful production team of the time, Stock Aitken Waterman to produce the lead single for her self-titled second album - "Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now" was the result. However, this was the only track produced by the trio on the album.
In the podcast A Journey Through SAW, episode 24 (Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now to F.L.M.), it's revealed that SAW were not keen on recording with Sam due to her topless modelling past, but after she met up with them, her bubbly personality convinced them to change their minds, and Mike Stock started writing the lyrics.

Chart Positions

"Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now" became a major hit in many countries, reaching No.1 on the Official Finnish Chart, No.4 on the Swiss Hitparade, No.5 on the Irish Singles Chart, and No.5 on the Dutch Single Top 100. The song also reached No.6 on the GFK Entertainment Charts in West Germany.
Interestingly, the single entered the official UK Top 40 at No.37 on May 24th 1987, in the same week that Starship were at No.1 with their similarly titled song "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now". Sam's single reached No.8 on 14th June, where it remained for two weeks before slipping back out of the top 10. It spent a total of nine weeks in the Top 100.
Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now front vinyl sleeve (7 inch) ft. Samantha Fox

What the Critics Said

Sam became a target for ridicule by many critics of the time, and found it difficult to shake off her blonde "bimbo" image. In his scathing review for Number One magazine (issue 205, May 23rd 1987), John Aizlewood remarked "This is just like all your other hits, only without the tune. What's your next career move Sam? Why not try a bar maid?" He also mocked her cockney accent in a very immature manner, which was completely unnecessary. Nonetheless, the song was a hit, and the negative reviews didn't deter Sam from continuing with her pop career, continuing to release singles until 2018.
Writing for Smash Hits (20 May - 2 Jun 1987), Barry McIlhenny said "typically catchy pop/disco. This is actually remarkably similar to any Mel & Kim song you'd care to name. The only difference is that Mel & Kim do it a lot better."


UK 7 Inch Vinyl - Jive - Foxy 5

A. "Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now" - 3:42

B. "Dream City" - 4:55

UK 12 Inch Vinyl - Jive - Foxy T 5

A. "Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now" (Extended) - 7:01

B1. "Dream City" - 4:55

B2. "Want You To Want Me" - 3:31

The U.S. 12 inch (Jive 1071-1-JD) also included a Club Mix and Instrumental version, but did not include the track "Want You To Want Me".


The official video (provided by Dutch music show TopPop above) was shot in Marbella, Spain, and features Sam in a variety of summery outfits and driving several modes of transport. It opens with Sam sipping a cocktail on a sun lounger. We then see her driving a luxury speedboat, and then in her room at the Hotel Del Golf Plaza. Before you can blink, Sam is driving an open-top, Alfa Romeo Spyder and then pretending to co-pilot a Cessna Skymaster utility aircraft.
Later in the video, Sam also dances with an elderly gentleman and poses with a lady and her toddler child. Although the video is not particularly inventive (it's definitely not an 80s classic!) and lacks any kind of storyline or special effects, it is enjoyable watching the singer having a lot a fun time in Spain. Combined with the positive lyrics of the song, it certainly has an uplifting effect on your mood.


The lyrics are about leaving the past behind and feeling confident about starting afresh and taking back control. According to the Wikipedia page Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now, the lyrics are partly referring to Samantha Fox's Father, who was also her manager, and her desire to break free from him. However, they are also, quite possibly, referring to a lover, as in the line "There was a time I couldn't get you out of my mind", and also "Gonna break it up, gonna take my love away".
Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now, rear vinyl sleeve (Foxy 5), dark
Samantha Fox on the rear sleeve of Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now, 12
Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now vinyl 7