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During the 80s, Samantha Fox was one of the best-known Page 3 girls. Her modelling career actually only lasted for a few short years between 1983 and 1986, when she retired at just 20 years old!

In 1986, Sam started a successful music career, releasing three albums between 1986 and 1988. Her first single was "Touch Me - I Wanna Feel Your Body" which reached No.3 in the UK charts in March '86. You can view all of her hits songs in the video playlist above.

Sam released eight UK Top 40 singles in the eighties, but was also successful in many other countries, too. Her last 80s single release was a cover of  "I Only Wanna Be With You" which reached No.16 in the UK charts.

Sam tried to relaunch her music career in 1991 with the album "Just One Night", but failed to enter the Top 40 in the UK, although it was a hit in Canada.

In 1995, Sam Fox entered the "Song For Europe" contest as lead singer of the group Sox, with the song "Go For The Heart". Unfortunately, Sox only came fourth in the public vote and, therefore, couldn't be entered into the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest.

In November 2009, Sam took part in ITV's reality show I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, but was voted out on Day 16.
The most recent single release by Samantha Fox is "Hot Boy", which was released in 2018 with nine separate mixes on Apple Music. It has an 80s synth pop sound and you can watch the official "Hot Boy" video on Youtube, in which she is still looking as fabulous as ever.

Studio Album Discography

Touch Me (1986)

Samantha Fox (1987)

I Wanna Have Some Fun (1988)

Just One Night (1991)

21st Century Fox (1998)

Angel with an Attitude (2005)

Touch Me (I Want Your Body) 12 inch vinyl sleeve front - Samantha Fox

"TOUCH ME" (I Want Your Body) -1986

Released by Jive Records, "Touch Me" was Sam Fox's sexy debut single and reached No.3 in the UK singles chart. It reached No.1 in Canada, Switzerland, Sweden and Australia, and also reached No.4 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S.

Sam released three albums and 12 singles during the 80s. Three other singles were released from the debut album, Touch Me, and these were; Do Ya Do Ya (Wanna Please Me) (No.10 - UK), Hold On Tight (No.26 - UK) and I'm All You Need (No.47 - UK).
Top Of The Pops LP 1984 ft. Sam Fox on the cover

"HOLD ON TIGHT" (1986)

This retro rock n' roll style tune was the third single release from Sam's debut album, Touch Me, reaching #26 here in the British Isles.  The song was the follow-up to Do Ya, Do Ya Wanna Please Me which had previously reached #10.
Samantha Fox
The single sleeve for Sam Fox's third single


This was Sam's second most successful hit single (after Touch Me) and was the first single from her second 80's album, Samantha Fox. If you think it sounds familiar to many other late eighties hits then that's because it was produced by none other than Stock, Aitken and Waterman.

"Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now" reached No.8 in the UK, but was a bigger hit in several European countries. However, the tune failed to impress the Americans, reaching only No.80 in the U.S.



With its very 80s bassline, the follow-up to Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now, and Samantha Fox's sixth single release reached #25 here in the UK, but was a major hit across Europe, topping the Official Finnish charts in Finland.



Ah yes! Remember this? The giant-sized Mick Fleetwood and pint-sized Sam Fox hosting the worst-ever Brit Awards on 18th February 1989. This was the last time the show was broadcast live, as everything that had been rehearsed simply fell apart. However, in 2007 the live ceremony made a comeback - a brave move indeed! Watch a clip in the video playlist at the top of this page.


This controversial 80s computer game kept many spotty teenage computer geeks happy for hours in their bedrooms! Yes, it's Samantha Fox Strip Poker on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. The game was also available on the C64 and Amstrad CPC range. It mattered not one bit how terrible the digitized images were going to be, with no internet available, sex-starved teenage boys were going to flock to the stores to buy it anyway. On the plus side, the music was created by the legendary Rob Hubbard, although he didn't want his name associated with the game and used the alias "John York".

Samantha Fox in the 80s wearing leather jacket and denim shorts
This cover of the Dusty Springfield song (originally released in 1963) was the twelfth and final single of the 80s by Sam Fox, reaching #16 here in Great Britain and #31 in the US.

as with many of Miss Fox's eighties songs, this did very well in Finland where it peaked at #2. The song was the third single to be lifted from the third studio album I Wanna Have Some Fun.


This video clip features a classic moment from the ITV reality TV show The Club. The series ran for six weeks, and the first episode was broadcast on March 6th 2003. In each show, three celebrities - the other two were Eastenders actor Dean Gaffney and presenter Richard Blackwood - had to run a London club. The overall winner was Dean Gaffney.
Samantha Fox
The front sleeve of Sam's seventh single release I Promise You (Get Ready). This was the third release from the singer's second self-titled album, reaching #58 in the UK.
Samantha Fox in 1987 wearing a blue blazer and cream sun hat

Samantha Fox Smash Hits poster from July 1987


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