The video is cheesier than an old pair of socks that have been left overnight in a cheesemonger's shop, but the song still remains a firm favourite at Christmas parties each year. 

This follow-up single to Lipstick, Powder and Paint reached #1 in the UK for Christmas 1985 on December 22nd, staying their for two weeks before being knocked off the top spot by Pet Shop Boys with West End Girls.

The single was originally going to be released in 1984, but was postponed as Shaky's record company didn't want it to clash with the Band Aid single, which turned out to be a wise move - Wham! had to settle with #2 in 1984.

The Welsh rock & roll singer achieved success with three more #1 singles in the 80s with This Ole House (1981), Green Door (1981) and Oh Julie (1982). Overall, Shaky achieved 35 Top 40 hits, 28 of these in the eighties.

Merry Christmas Everyone also charted in the Top 40 again during 2007, thanks to downloads being included in the charts. The song has entered the Top 100 every December since 2007.

Shakin' Stevens - Merry Christmas Everyone