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By Sara Lewis

If you're scratching your head trying to think of an 80s fashion/costume idea for a party or event, then have you thought about becoming She-Ra (Princess of Power) from the 1980s cartoons?

The twin sister of Prince Adam (He-Man) made her on-screen appearance in the cartoon movie The Secret of The Sword, before featuring as the protagonist in the cartoon series She-Ra: Princess of Power which first aired in 1985.

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If you were a fan of the series, then you will remember that she had phenomenal strength, with the ability to lift giant rocks, mountains and, of course, fully grown men! You would be wise not to attempt lifting any of those while on your night out, although, after a few rum and coke's who knows what could happen!

Let me now discuss the actual fancy dress costume. There are dozens of costumes available at Amazon from leading costume suppliers.

She-Ra (Princess of Power) Costume - front and back view

All She-Ra Costumes at Amazon UK

All She-Ra Costumes at

She-Ra Costumes at ebay

Whether you want the best quality or the lowest price is entirely your choice, of course. But there are costumes and costume shirts available to suit all budgets at the above stores. ebay is a particularly place to find a decent price on brand new (buy it now) outfits, with dozens of costume suppliers competing for your order.

The costume featured above (by Smiffy's) is the most popular style and is very reasonably priced depending on the size you choose. This particular costume includes the dress with a cape, headpiece, arm cuffs and boot covers. Oh yes, it's also officially licensed.

Official She-Ra Costume UK

Official She-Ra Costume US

You can, of course, buy this outfit directly from Smiffy's if you live in the UK where there is a choice of the standard or deluxe costume. Although both options look very similar, the deluxe version features a latex chest and has a more refined look - the choice is entirely yours.

She-Ra Deluxe Costume

I actually found the prices on the Smiffy's store at Amazon to be cheaper than going directly to the Smiffy's site itself, which is a bit naughty. Why would you not offer the best prices on your own website? However, this may not always be the case and you may want to check both stores.

She-Ra Deluxe Costume at Amazon UK

Deluxe She-Ra Costume at

A low cost alternative to a fully-blown costume is this sublimation T-shirt. Just slip it on and you're done! You could also add a wig for a more complete look, although it will put quite a dent in your budget.

For some reason, the only size available in the U.S. is XL. However, there are actually many other T-shirts available which you should take a look at;

She-Ra T-shirts at

She-Ra T-shirts UK

She-Ra Shirt and Cape Costume

She-Ra Shirt with Cape (US only)

Another low-cost idea is this printed shirt with cape by Mighty Fine. It's described as a Juniors fit and is available in sizes up to XXX-Large. Sadly, I could not find this item at either the UK Amazon or ebay,

Inflatable She-Ra Sword

She-Ra also used her Sword of Protection as a weapon and you may want to add this to make your costume more complete. You can also use it on anyone who annoys you on your night out!

If you have an eye for a bargain, then you would be wise to also check eBay. There are many top suppliers selling the official costume on the site, and prices are very competitive.

Another supplier well worth checking (UK only) is They've been trading for 175 years and have an excellent reputation. I found the official She-Ra outfit available for a very reasonable £23.99 in ALL of the sizes. There is also a luxury costume available for an eye-watering £248.99!! These prices are subject to change, of course.

Well, I hope I've armed you with enough information to make the right choice for your costume. If you're from the UK then please also check the 80s Fancy Dress pages at our website where you'll find lots of ideas.

If you're from the U.S. then you'll be pleased to know that we have a new, separate 80s costumes US section just for you at the website. You may also like the website, which also features some great ideas, more particularly the Masters Of The Universe section.

Have fun - Sara.

She-Ra Princess of Power T-shirt for Women

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