The Side Ponytail in the 80s

Girl with side ponytail and 80s off one shoulder shirt

Let's face it, you couldn't go any place in the 80s without spotting a young lady with a side ponytail. Despite the fact that they weren't adored by everybody, the individuals who loved this style wore it with great confidence. They were worn with those very loose-fitting eighties garments that made this period genuinely one of a kind. Curiously large shirts, plastic bangles and over-sized earrings made you ultra trendy, toss in a side ponytail and you were totally 80s.

Cyndi Lauper 80s Hair

As this photo of Cyndi Lauper illustrates, there was a fine line between having a proper side ponytail and wearing your hair to one side - the latter was also a popular 80s hair style, with both men and women.

In the 1980's, big pop stars like Debbie Gibson, Madonna and Cyndi Lauper wore a side pony tail, and that implied it was alright for you to have one. These were the most sizzling stars around, and if they had a specific haircut, so did a huge number of their fans everywhere throughout the world.

Girl with side ponytail on the cover of Just Seventeen Jan 1986

Just Seventeen Cover Jan 1986

This ponytail is just weird, and it looks like it was created in the dark!

Girl wearing side ponytail in the 1980s

Now that's what I call an 80s side ponytail!

There was nothing subtle about a side ponytail in the 80s. Many girls looked like they had literally walked into a field and ripped off a ponies tail and stuck it onto the side of their head! Only confident females wore them, and you certainly didn't want to mess with a girl who had one.

I remember that some were even worn with a headband, and some ladies also crimped their hair - crimping was another big fashion pastime in the 1980s.

Rainbow Brite cartoon character

Rainbow Brite

But there seemed to be a strong fashion connection with ponies and rainbows during the 80s. Remember the My Little Pony toys? There was also Rainbow Brite which was introduced by Hallmark Cards in 1983. You may remember the cartoon series which quickly followed in 1984 and the 1985 movie Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer. Yes, even this cartoon character had a side ponytail.

Girl with side ponytail and 80s clothes

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I hope this image will give you some inspiration on what to wear with a side ponytail, should you be invited to an 80s themed event. The fishnet/mesh top worn over a black bra or crop top is a look created by Madonna in 1983.

These photos show Madonna in 1985. Note the religious rosemary beads necklaces.

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