Two men wearing Skeletor Fancy Dress Costumes


For Adults and Kids

by Mark Nobes, chief editor

Become the main villain and archenemy of He-Man in the 80s cartoon Masters of the Universe, with my pick of the best Skeletor costumes for adults and kids (suitable for boys or girls). It won't give you the power to conquer Castle Grayskull, or any other castle for that matter, but you can pretend to, at least!

Mens He-Man Skeletor Costume with hood and padded jumpsuit


I'll come to the children's costume in a moment, but the first Skeletor Muscle Costume Jumpsuit featured here is for adults, and includes a belt, bootcovers and mask. It's perfect for 80s fancy dress, horror and Halloween dress-up. It comes in two sizes, medium (38 to 40" chest) and large (42 to 44" chest) for men.
There are several suppliers both on Amazon and across the web, and the prices vary considerably. However, the lowest-priced costume can be found being supplied by Smiffys on Amazon, who I have linked to above.
You can also buy the adult Skeletor outfit on Smiffys website if you prefer, but you will want to check which is the best price, as they do differ.
This alternative choice for adults has a slightly different look and includes a padded jumpsuit with mask. It's the more expensive option, and it can be also be bought from the Smiffys Store on Amazon - the company is now 125 years old, and is one of the leading and best-established fancy dress suppliers on the web.
Kids Skeletor Costume
Now, as promised, here is the Skeletor costume for kids which looks pretty much like the adults costume, except it's quite a bit smaller, obviously! It comes in three sizes for ages from 4 to 12 years. Sadly, there are no size options for teens, so the smaller version of the adult's costume is the best choice for them.
Everything shown is included (which isn't always the case with fancy dress costumes!), which is the Padded Jumpsuit, EVA Chest, Belt & Hooded Mask.
You can also buy the Skeletor outfit directly from Smiffys own website if you prefer, but you will usually get the best price on Amazon as they are competing with other suppliers.
If you plan on going to a party as a couple, then you may also like this He-Man costume. Alternatively, you can also go with She-Ra Princess of Power, which is a more pleasant option!