Play this excellent free online game conversion as Sonic Knuckles, Tails or Cream - click start to play. Use your arrow keys to move and the up arrow to jump. Sadly, there is only one level in this demo version, but I hope you have fun, nonetheless. Sonic the hedgehog was first launched in 1991 on the genesis (mega drive), and quickly became sega's No.1 game.

90s Video Game

Sonic the hedgehog was first launched  in 1991 on the genesis (mega drive), and quickly became Sega's No.1 game. The 2020 movie starring James Marsden and Jim Carrey, helped to reignite the popularity of the video game character.
In the original 16 bit game from the 1990s, Sonic must battle with a mad and evil scientists called Doctot Eggman. The fast-paced platformer became hugely successful, and Sonic quickly became Sega's flagship character, helping them to compete with Nintendo's Mario, who became their flagship character during the 1980s.
The game became notable for its vertical, rollercoaster style loops, frantic pace and sonic's ball rolling, and became synonymous with 90s culture.
Sonic title screen



The 2D platform game was first released on the genesis and due to its success was then ported to the Master System and Game Gear. Sonic's main enemy in the game is Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, who wants to take control of the Earth and destroy the loveable hedgehog.


Sonic the Hedgehog Cover
The inlay card for the original Genesis cartridge