The video clip above features an excellent live (official) version of To Cut A Long Story Short, but the original 1980 video is also available to view further down this page.

Released at the start of the eighties, the song was the debut single by Spandau Ballet and reached #5 in the British singles chart. This is actually one of my favourite songs by the band as it has that early 80s electronica sound, which I adore.

The track was lifted from Journeys To Glory, an album that sounded very fresh at the time, and was aimed at anyone who was fed-up with disco and punk. Although Spandau Ballet never looked as androgynous as other New Romantic bands, this album proved that they were certainly part of the New Wave movement. I dig the tartan, though!

Two more tracks were released as singles; The Freeze (#17 UK) and the double-A side Musclebound/Glow which peaked at #10. 

To Cut A Long Story Short single sleeve cover - Spandau Ballet
To Cut A Long Story Short vinyl - Spandau Ballet