SURVIVOR "Eye Of The Tiger"

You just can't help but love the 80s Arena rock sound can you? And if you lived through the 80s, then you also can't fail to remember the 80s rock anthem Eye Of The Tiger.

Many critics regard this song as cheesy, but I rarely take too much notice of music reviewers and, as with many of us who lived threw the 1980s, I've always loved this track.

With its anthemic, guitar-driven chorus, Eye Of The Tiger gave Survivor their first chart hit in the UK, reaching No.1 during September 1982. The song also topped the Billboard Hot 100 for six weeks, giving the American rock band their biggest hit single. It featured on the band's third studio album of the same name and also the Rocky III movie soundtrack.

Initially, Sylvester Stallone had asked Queen if he could use Another One Bites The Dust on the soundtrack. However, they refused and so he asked Survivor to write a song from scratch - and they came up with a true eighties classic which is now used frequently at certain sporting events. The B-side features a track entitled Take You On A Saturday.

This was one of just two hits in Britain, the other being the similiar-sounding Burning Heart from the Rocky IV soundtrack. The follow-up to Eye Of The Tiger, American Heartbeat, failed to chart in the UK, but peaked at #17 in the U.S. One further single from the same album, The One That Really Matters, stalled at #74 in America.

Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger vinyl single sleeve

Released in November 1985, Burning Heart reached #2 in the U.S. and #5 in the UK and featured on the Rocky IV soundtrack. With its Cold War inspired lyrics about the battle between East and West, the song was highly suitable for a movie about a Boxing match between Rocky (played by Sylvester Stallone) and Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren). The movie was written and directed by Stallone himself.

Burning Heart was Survivor's seventh Top 40 hit single in the U.S. and the second and last Top 40 hit in the UK. The band's most well-known and most successful song is, of course, Eye Of The Tiger (from the previous movie Rocky III) which spent six weeks at number in the U.S. The song also reached #1 in the UK .

You can listen to an interesting instrumental version of Burning Heart at my 80s Remix blog.
Rocky IV - soundtrack album (1985)