"Junkyard Pink Blues"


by Mark Nobes, chief editor

Here is another 90s Pink Panther episode featuring a talking Pink Panther.

Pinky spots an ad for a missing poodle dog offering a $100,000 award. Seems like easy money - or is it? If Pinky has anything to do with it then it certainly won't be easy!

Pinky visits the old lady who has lost the pooch and takes a look at her empty doghouse. He leaves his business card which states that he is a "finder of lost pets". Lurking behind the bushes are a nasty-looking gang with a leader known as The Dogfather, and they have the same idea to get rich quick by finding the lost poodle.

The Pink Panther Cartoon Collection

Pinky is tempted by the aroma coming from a garbage can and dives in to see what it is. Unfortunately, the garbage truck decides to collect the can with Pinky inside - suddenly it goes dark! He is taken to the junkyard and is followed by the Dogfather and his two sidekicks.

After the truck disposes of the waste, Pinky finds himself in the yard with a vicious looking yard dog and hides in the stinking rubbish to avoid him. The gang spot the poodle, but Pinky gets hold of it first and makes a run for it while being chased by the yard dog. In typical Pinky style, he trips up and loses the poodle!

Meanwhile, the gang are in their armour-plated limo being chased by the guard dog who bites a tyre, bringing to car to a sudden halt - so much for the armour plating! The gang feel they are perfectly safe in the limo, but the dog has other ideas and rips the car to shreds. A dim-witted member of the gang goes to search for a missing button off his bosses suit, when, suddenly, a giant magnet lifts the car into a crusher with two of the trio still inside, compressing them into a tiny cube of metal. The dimwit returns to find the cube and says "I've found your button, boss". Yeah, I think your boss has a lot more to worry about right now, dumbo.

Pink Panther finds himself being chased by the yard dog and hides in a broken TV set. The dog sniffs around and turns on the TV, with Pinky pretending to be a presenter. He temporarily fools the dog and walks off with the TV set still wrapped around his body - pretty amusing!

Will Pinky manage to get hold of the poodle and claim his reward. Watch the video to find out - enjoy!

The Pink Panther in Junkyard Pink Blues

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