by Mark Nobes, chief editor

This classic, full episode of The Pink Panther from 1993 is from the official Youtube channel. While walking calmly up the high street minding his own business, Pink spots his favourite superhero on a TV screen in an electrical store. Inspired, he heads into Ed's costume store and purchases a superhero outfit. Unfortunately, Pink has no money left for the bus fare home, so he heads for the cash machine where he witnesses a robbery. The thieves steal an old lady's car and pleads with Pink to help her. He obliges and dives into a mailbox to become Super Pink, who has the rather cheesy catchphrase "Pink, pink and away!".

This is an enjoyable episode, but the sound of Pink Panther's voice totally ruins the mystery of his character. The originals from the 60s and 70s remain my favourites, although the newer Pink Panther & Pals episodes are also pretty decent.

The Pink Panther in

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