"The Pink Flea"


by Mark Nobes, chief editor

This is the 65th episode from the original series which was released on 15th Sept 1971. 
The episode opens with a white dog enjoying a snooze, when he is rudely awakened by a pesky flea that hops onto him. Pinky just happens to be walking past the canine and gives him a friendly pat. Unfortunately, the flea decides to jump onto Pinky, instead! He spots an advertisement for "Flea Gone - get rid of fleas" spray and immediately rushes out to buy a can and proceeds to spray himself from head to toe. The flea is coughing, but is still alive and on Pinky's head. In a very stupid move indeed, he bashes himself on the head to try and kill the flea but ends up knocking himself out!
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In his next crazy move, Pinky decides to go through a car wash - without a car - which turns both himself and the flea into a ball of fluff. Still being driven mad by the itching, Pinky then heads for the beach and jumps into the sea in an effort to drown the flea. The flea makes off in a mini motorboat leaving the Pink Panther free from the itching, at last!
However, the relief is short-lived, and the flea hides around a corner to launch himself onto the unsuspecting feline. Then he has the audacity to demolish Pinky's hot dog and then his drink! Will Pinky ever get rid of the menace? Watch the video to find out!
Will Pinky ever get rid of the hopping menace? Watch the video to find out!
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