FREE RETRO Invaders Game

The Planet Guardian an exciting HTML5 space shoot-em-up game which is based on classic games like Space Invaders and Galaga. Although it looks very different to the original games with advanced graphics, the principles remain the same - defend Earth from the invaders! The game will work on all devices, but is best played on a larger screen advice such as your laptop. 
What I really like about this clever new take on a classic game is the fact that you are now in the centre of the action, defending the whole globe. The game is incredibly simple to play, and all you need to do is keep aiming towards the ever-increasing hordes of alien craft. The firing is automatic, so there is no need to bruise your fingers as in the original games. Collect the bonuses to increase your fire power or gain an extra protection shield.
Your free game is below. Simply click/tap the "Start" button to get started. You will have to wait for an annoying advert to play, but this is out of our control as we do not own the game.
You can choose to turn the music and sound effects off, which will aid your concentration if your find loud noises annoying, as I do now I'm in my 50s!
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The Planet Guardian Screenshot

Screen grab from the game