by Mark Nobes, chief editor

This imaginative and unique single and video was taken from the album Flat Earth and was Dolby's biggest UK hit, reaching No.17 in 1984 and 62 in the U.S. Such an original tune like this deserved a better chart placing!

Overall, Thomas Dolby has had three Top 40 singles in the UK with Windpower (#31 in 1982), Hyperactive and Close But No Cigar (#22 in 1992). In the U.S. Dolby's only Major hit was She Blinded Me With Science reaching #5 in the U.S. and #1 in Canada, but, ironically, failed to break the Top 40 in his home country.

A re-release of "Hyperactive" in 1994 reached #23 in the UK singles chart  and coincided with the release of his "best of" album Retrospectable.

The British musician released a new album entitled A Map of the Floating City in October 2011.

Hyperactive (1984 single sleeve) by Thomas Dolby


This quirky synthpop track failed to make a dent in the British Top 40, stalling at #49, but was a one hit wonder in the States and Canada. I'm actually quite surprised by this, as I certainly remember the song and his has an infectious melody. The song featured on the Blinded By Science EP, and although initially released as a non-album single, later featured on a revised version of The Golden Age Of Wireless.


Thomas Dolby 2016

Thomas Dolby in 2016