80s Aerobics Instructor Costume

I've been providing ideas for fun 1980s dress-up for over eight years now, and I would now like to use the knowledge that I've gathered to bring you my Top Five retailers to buy 80s costumes from. The list is based on who provides the best range of costumes at the most competitive prices.

1. ebay

Ebay have, by far, the biggest number of suppliers selling at the very best prices. Although the site still has a hard time convincing some people that they are a completely safe and trustworthy place to buy from, if you buy from the top-rated sellers then there is no problem whatsoever - I've never had any serious issues myself.

Put simply, if you've found a great costume idea then search for it on ebay if you want to buy it at the very best price. The links below are generic and should take you to the correct search in any English-speaking country inc. the U.S., UK, Australia and Canada.

Recommended searches;

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I Love the 80s Costume for Women

80s Costume at Amazon UK

2. Amazon

All of the leading costume suppliers are selling and competing on Amazon which means the choice is far greater than any single fancy dress store. The prices are very competitive, although not always as cheap as ebay, and the site is well-trusted and well-established. It's also a great place to find ideas with many recommendations often shown underneath each costume you select. If you need an 80s costume idea then this is THE place to find it.

Recommended searches;

All 80s Costumes at (U.S.)

Madonna Costumes at

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All 80s Costumes at Amazon UK

80s Costumes in Clothing at Amazon UK

80s Costumes in Toys and Games at Amazon UK

Madonna Fancy Dress at Amazon UK

3. Angels Fancy Dress

This store has been trading for 175 years, far longer than just about any other costume store on the web. The prices are very competitive and I really like the design of the site which is bright, modern and colourful. They only supply the UK, and the range of costumes isn't as great as ebay and Amazon for 80s costumes, but they're all compressed into one tidy section which makes it quick and easy to find a great idea. Angels are certainly very trustworthy and if you would prefer to support an individual supplier, rather than a corporate giant, then these are the guys for you.

Recommended searches;

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80s Film and TV Costumes for Men

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4. Jokers' Masquerade

This is another well-established UK site, and although some of the prices aren't as low as on the sites above, they do have 198 costumes to choose from for men and women all together on one big page. The images are large and clear and the site is well laid-out and easy to navigate, making it quick and easy to find what you're looking for.

Recommended Search;

80s Costumes

5. Smiffys

Smiffys have been trading since the 19th century (yes, really!) and are probably the most recognised name in fancy dress. They sell around 26 million items per year and really know their stuff. The site is clean and easy to navigate, although some of the pages look a little corporate. Nonetheless, this is an excellent and very trustworthy website to buy from, and a recent makeover has given the site a more modern feel.

80s Costumes at Smiffys

Theme Ideas

As well as simply searching for "80s Costumes" there are many other categories and themes within the genre that can be explored. These ideas are particularly useful for searches on ebay and Amazon, but I've actually linked to pages on this website below which are packed with ideas. The links featured on the pages below are to UK stores, However, you can also see theme ideas for the U.S. at our website 80s Fashion Clothing

2 Tone and Ska

80s Bags

80s Costumes for Ladies

80s Costumes for Men

80s Skirts

80s T Shirts

80s Workout/Fitness/Aerobics

Adam Ant


Boy George




Leg Warmers


Michael Jackson


Rubik's Cube


Top Gun

Wonder Woman

Although we don't actually sell costumes directly, does have more specialist 1980s related sections than any other costume site. If you are looking for lots of great ideas then come and take a look;

Costume Ideas at

80s Costume Ideas for the U.S. at 80s Fashion Clothing

Have fun! Mark.