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On this page you'll find a wide range of official and non-official outfits and accessories to suit all budgets for both men and women. The 1986 movie, of course, starred Tom Cruise as Pete "Maverick" Mitchell, and you can create this or other styles using the items below, so read on...


How to create a low-cost Top Gun outfit

If you don't want to fork out the cash for an official costume, then you can create a similar and cost-effective look using non-official alternatives. We've picked out the best items which will allow you to buy a non-official flight suit or overalls for a cheaper price than the official costume. Also, aviator glasses and a decent-looking iron-on Top Gun badge can be bought for just a few £'s. All of these low-cost items are below...

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Durch Army Issue Overalls
Army Overalls/Boiler Suit

This low-cost Dutch Army issue pair of overalls is ideal for creating a low-cost Top Gun costume and is roughly half the price of the official costume. Add one or more iron-on/sew-on Top Gun badges and low-cost aviator shades to enhance your look.

Mens Aviator Pilot Jumpsuit Costume
A low-cost, standard size fancy dress costume by Henbrandt. Add aviator shades and pin-on or sew-on badges to complete your look. This is the best value costume we have seen.
Aviator Girl Dress
Low cost costume that includes the dress, hat, belt and glass. Availabale in five sizes. Best value Top Gun outfit for ladies and good customer reviews.
Men's Official Top Gun Pilot Jumpsuit Overalls Costume
Smiffy's Complete Top Gun Pilot Costume (Sizes 38 to 54)

Includes a green jumpsuit (with adjustable velcro wait and zip-up front) and comes with name tags and aviator sunglasses.

Top Gun Officer/Captain Woman (Sizes 4-18)

Keep the boys in check with this easy-to-wear, all-in one sexy jacket dress costume for ladies which includes the hat and gloves.   

Top Gun Captain White Costume for Men

Top Gun Captain Costume for Men

Complete costume includes white shirt, trousers and hat. Shirt includes badges. The dog tag is not included.
Official Top Gun Bomber Jacket

Look like Tom Cruise in this brown, faux leather style jacket which includes motifs. Add a white T-shirt, dogtag and aviator sunglasses to complete your look.

Top Gun Bomber Jacket Adults - Men and Women

This MA 1 flight jacket is usually available from a number of suppliers at ebay and the "buy now" button will lead you to the items in price order.

Smiffy's Top Gun Costume for Women

Smiffy's Top Gun Costume for Ladies

Available in two sizes. Includes jumpsuit with badges and shades. Rated highly by customers.

Top Gun Fancy Dress Accessories and Gifts

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