Twister Costume for ladies

Twister costume for ladies (UK)

Well, I remember having a pretty fun time playing the Twister game back in the 1970s and 80s, and getting into all sorts of awkward positions! Just about everyone remembers the game, and now you can celebrate your childhood with official and unofficial Twister board game costumes for men, women and children.

The Twister dress above is available from a number of suppliers on the Amazon websites, and there is a particularly good choice on the U.S. store.

Being the miser that I am, this is just one of the reasons that I often use Amazon, as you can compare the many suppliers who are selling on the site, and they are also pretty trustworthy, of course. The Twister dress is a popular seller through this website and it's a quirky alternative to the more obvious 80s themed costumes.

Twister Costume for Men

Twister Costume for Men

The Men's official costume is based on a jumpsuit and is expensive compared to the ladies outfit, but it also includes the spinning board. If you're looking for a good fancy dress idea for a couple then this is a pretty unique one. However, I could only find one supplier selling this costume on ebay and nothing at all on Amazon. Therefore, the link above is not guaranteed to show any costumes. However, scroll down a little for details of a cool-looking second skin costume for men.

These outfits are ideal for retro-themed parties and are almost guaranteed to be the subject of many a conversation at any party or event. Please note that the prices quoted are subject to change.

Twister Game Poncho Adults

Unisex Twister Poncho Costume (UK)

The cheapest costume of all this poncho. Now, it's not really supposed to be used as a costume, but if you're really tight-fisted and they have forecast rain, then it may be ideal for you! Seriously, it's perfect for retro themed festivals and a quirky way to protect yourself from the elements.

Twister Second Skin Costume for Men

Twister Second Skin Costume (UK)

Twister Second Skin Costume (US)

Second skin or Morphsuit style costumes are also popular these days, and is more than one supplier selling this outfit on Amazon. The prices vary greatly for the exact same outfit, so I have linked to all that is available above.

Girls Twister Dress Costume (UK)

Girls Twister Dress (US)

There is a huge range of dress costumes available for girls at the U.S. Amazon and they vary in price and design. However, the costume is unavailable at the UK store. Trying to link to everything available on ebay proved problematic, with many unrelated costumes being displayed but feel free to try this link...

Girls Twister Costumes on ebay

Although still a little expensive, the pricing and range of costumes is better than on Amazon US. I highly recommend trying the link above as there are lots of top suppliers selling brand new, "buy it now" outfits here.

The following items are the lowest-priced I could find (as I write) on both Amazon stores. These items also give you an idea of the different style available at a glance.

If you're on a tight budget, you can also buy a Twister Costume T-shirt, which I'll come to in a moment.

Alternative Costume Idea

Rubik's Cube Dress for Women

Rubik's Cube Dress for Ladies

Another toy that is synonymous with the 1980s is, of course, the Rubik's Cube. There is a wide range of costume designs available from the dress above, to 3D cube outfits.

Rubik's Cube Costume at

Rubik's Cube Costume at

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