Some fans of Van Halen hate this 80s soft-rock track as it was a departure from the usual harder rock sound of the band, using a rolling synth line. However, it still features an Eddie Van Halen guitar solo, although the producer spliced parts of two different takes, apparently, which led Eddie Van Halen to say it was "his favourite solo he never wrote!"

Jump was the lead single from the band's sixth studio album 1984. The song was the only number one for the band in Canada and the U.S. and peaked at #7 in the UK. Three more singles were lifted from the album; I'll Wait (#13 US), Panama (#13 US) and Hot For Teacher (#56 US), none of which entered the British Top 40.

I used to love playing this tune on the jukebox at the local Youth Club (do they still have youth clubs?) back in the mid eighties, so it brings back fond memories for me. By the way, the sound quality of this video is truly excellent and it's in proper widescreen!
Van Halen Jump (Live) CD maxi single (1993)
1993 CD Maxi Single