In this section, you can watch full, classic cartoon videos from official sources. We are very excited to be able to bring you these 100% legal videos from the golden days of animation when everything was hand drawn. 
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Watch every episode of the 1980s cartoon series featuring the many voices of the late, great Kenneth Williams.

Watch every episode of the original Pink Panther cartoon series from 1969-1980. Full playlist of official episodes.

The Pink Panther has trouble getting rid of a troublesome flea in this classic and official episode from the original 1970s series.

Orco is told the story of how Cringer became Battlecat by Man-at-Arms (Duncan) after he tries to create a potion to make him braver.

When the old toymaker goes to bed, all of the toys come to life, including a one legged soldier who we follow in this tale.

The Pink Panther finds himself in a whole heap of trouble (and rubbish) when he tries to rescue a dog for an old lady. Classic 90s Cartoon.

The Pink Panther comes to the rescue in Granny's Pizza Parlour when a devious rival parlourtries to steal all of her customers.

The Pink Panther decides to try his hand at becoming a superhero after seeing his icon on a TV set in a shop window.