As I write (Dec 21 2018), "Last Christmas" is currently at No.7 in the UK singles chart, although last year it was at No.3 when I updated this page! The single has now spent a total of 57 weeks on the chart. However, the band have stiff competition from all of the other old classics, too.

The battle for the prestigious Christmas top spot in 1984 was fought between Wham!, Frankie Goes to Hollywood (with The Power of Love) and Band Aid's Do They Know it's Christmas, with the latter winning out. Frankie made #1 the week before the official Christmas chart was out, with Wham having to settle with #2.

However, Last Christmas was the biggest-selling single in chart history not to have made #1, selling well over 1 million copies. A re-issue in 1985 reached #6 in the UK singles charts, and the song has re-entered many international singles charts many times.

In Germany the song has spent 106 weeks in the singles charts, and has entered the charts every year since 1997. Penned by George Michael, the original 1984 release of the single was a Double-A side featuring the track Everything She Wants.

Personally, I find the jolly video featuring the boys accompanying their "girlfriends" at a ski resort a tad on the cheesy side, and it looks rather dated these days, but I've always enjoyed the song and it's definitely one of the most memorable Christmas tunes.

Wham also re-entered the UK's official music chart in December 2015, reaching #18 and it also reached #19 in 2016. In 2014, the song spent three weeks in the chart and peaked at #28 and in 2013 it peaked at #36. So the timeless classic appears to be gaining popularity again each year.

The single reached No.3 on 28th Dec 2018, and was back in the UK Top 10 for 2019.

Last Christmas vinyl sleeve ft. George Michael

Last Christmas Vinyl Sleeve

Wham! Last Christmas - Vinyl Sleeve ft. Andrew Ridgeley and George Michael

The original sleeve 

Wham! Last Christmas 20th anniversary vinyl sleeve

This is the 2014 30th anniversary vinyl sleeve 

Wake Me Up Before You Snow Snow
Wham! Last Christmas Video Screenshot ft. George Michael face close-up


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