by Mark Nobes, chief editor

So what exactly is Synthwave and why should you be bothered about it? 
Well, its origins lie in the late 1970s and the term relates to synthesizer-based, new wave, dark wave and synthpop music. I am no expert on the scene, but I can tell you that the latest synthwave resurgence (which started sometime in the mid noughties) marries modern production techniques with retro sounds, and is often heavily influenced by 80s video games, movie soundtracks and cartoons. Sub-genres include retrowave, futuresynth and outrun, the latter obviously gaining its title from the eighties 3D arcade driving game. 
The main aim of synthwave is to revive the 1980s and early 90s electronic sounds, and tracks are often, but not always, instrumental. One of the best-known albums is the soundtrack to the movie Drive by Cliff Martinez.
Within the last few years, the scene has started to gain a wider audience, and I would urge anyone who grew-up listening to 80s electronic music to go onto Youtube and type in "synthwave". The videos are often accompanied by very cool 80s-inspired, neon and Tron style landscapes and many of them are compilations of the best tracks from the latest artists.
If you're a fan of electronic music legends such as Depeche Mode, Brad Fiedel (Terminator), John Carpenter or Jean-Michel Jarre, you're certain to gain some enjoyment listening to a huge array of new synth artists creating new tracks with a distinctly 80s or retro vibe. I have only recently discovered the scene, but I adore it, and it has opened up a whole new world of music for me. As much as I enjoy listening to the original 80s synth artists over and over again, I was in urgent need of something new, but with a familiar sound. Something that isn't going to induce a headache or force me to watch scantily-clad ladies slut-dropping, twerking, or whatever else it is they do these days - synthwave fits the bill perfectly!
This track by Miami Nights 1984 (A.K.A. Michael Glover) is just one fine example of synthwave. Don't be put off by the bizarre opening, you will soon experience a more familiar sound.
Please don't miss the video at the top of the page which includes over two hours of gorgeous retro electro music.

OUTLAND Glasgow 2018 | Retro Party Extravaganza

Following the success of Outland London 2017, a brand new event took place on 5th May 2018, this time in Glasgow, Scotland. Featuring live synth artists, Kung Fury the movie, an audio visual spectacular, and a whole lot more besides! This was an amazing ride through time and space as Outland Synthwave Events ‘Brings the 80’s back into the future’. The event included both local and international live retrowave, synthwave and electro music stars and DJ’s. Outland Glasgow 2018 | Retro Party Extravaganza on May Bank Holiday Weekend proved to be a both a futuristic and nostalgic trip.