Big perms, spiral perms and mullets are just a few examples of outrageous hair styles on display in the 1980s. On this page you can quickly find the wig you need to complete your eighties style fancy dress costume.

Styles inc. punk and rock, Madonna, crimped, spiky, permed and more besides. I've done all the hard work of finding every 80s wig available from the many fancy dress suppliers competing on Amazon.co.uk, and placing the best-priced items here on one page, which means you don't need to waste precious time trawling the web for a bargain.


Spiky 80s Wigs

If you're creating an edgier 80s punk or rock style, then these fun, spiky style wigs should fit the bill, as well as your head! All links below are to suppliers on Amazon.co.uk, from which we earn a commission.

Smiffy's 80s Attitude Wig for Women, spiky and colourful


Multi-Coloured 80s Attitude Wig

Give it some attitude with this short and spiky wig for women, which has a post-punk, Toyah look.

Pink 80s Punk Wig for Women


Pink 80s Punk Wig For Women

A vibrant and fun, pink wig for women which can be used for a 1980s/punk costume.

Tina Turner Ginger 80s Wig


Tina Turner 80s Wig

A ginger toned, long rock wig which can be used to create an 80s rock style or added to the Tina Turner costume, of course.

Smiffy's 80s Rock Diva Siouxsie Sioux


Black 80s Rock Diva Wig

This spiky women's wig can be used for goth, punk and rock costumes. Six Colours/Styles available. Studded collar/choker sold separately.

Short and spiky black punk wig, unisex


Unisex Black Punk Rocker Wig

A low-cost, short and spiky punk wig. Ideal for men and women.

Short blonde and spiky 80s pink wig for women


Blonde Punk Wig For Ladies

Get the bleached blonde look with this fun punk wig.

80s Perm and Crimp Wigs

Voluminous hair was all the rage in the 1980s, and the spiral or poodle perm and crimped hair was particularly popular. These wigs are ideal for creating many styles inc. Madonna or other 80s pop stars.

Women's Long Blonde 80s Wig with quiff and spiral perm


Ladies Long Blonde 80s Quiff And Spiral Perm Wig

A hugely popular adult-sized wig for women by Smiffys, which will match well with a wide range of 80s costumes.

Long blonde crimped hair wig for 80s fancy dress


Long Blonde 80s Crimp Wig

Now you have two choices. You can either crimp your own hair using crimpers, which is fun but time-consuming, or you can buy a ready-made, hassle-free wig like this one!  

Long 80s Crimp Wig for Whitney Houston fancy dress


80s Whitney Houston Wig

Get the Whitney Houston "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" look with this long, brown spiral perm wig.

Madonna Desperately Seeking Susan Wig


Madonna Desperately Seeking Susan Wig

This wig is ideal for adding to the Madonnaersque 80s Pop Star Costume. But it's also ideal for general 1980s dress-up.

Smiffy's 80s Wild Child Wig for Women


Smiffy's 80s Wild Child Wig For Women

This spiral perm wig includes a white bow and is perfect for a Madonna 80s look. It features a mesh net for extra ventilation.

Madonna Blonde 80s Material Girl Perm Wig


Blonde Madonna Wig With Bow

With its 80s spiral perm style, this highly-rated wig is ideal for completing your Madonna or 80s pop star costume.

Long tight perm Dolly Parton 80s wig


Dolly Parton Long Blonde Perm Wig

This is a fun wig which can be added to a number 80s costumes. Particularly suited to the Women's Pink Shell Suit Outfit or Dolly Parton Cowgirl costume (disclosure: commission earned from these links to Amazon.co.uk).

80s Big Hair Perm Wig for Women


Big Hair 80s Perm Wig

Highly rated by customers, this big hair wig will add the finishing touch to your eighties outfit and making you stand out from the crowd. 

Tina Turner 80s Rock Chick Wig

With its blonde highlights and big hair styling, this hugely popular wig for ladies by Alluara is perfect for an 80s rock chick look. Whether you want to become the legendary Tina Turner, or a member of a hair metal band, this wig fits the bill.

Collage of four 80s wigs for women. Tina Turner, blonde crimp wig, black spiky rocker and Whitney Houston