by Mark Nobes, chief editor

Yazoo (known as Yaz in the U.S.) were formed in 1981 by vocalist Alison Moyet and Depeche Mode songwriter/synth player Vince Clarke. Known as Yaz in the U.S., the duo had their biggest hits in the UK Charts in the early 80s.

"Don't Go" was the follow-up to the debut single Only You and peaked at No.3 in the UK Singles Chart. It was taken from the album Upstairs at Eric's, which peaked at No.2 in the UK Album Charts. Yazoo's only other studio album was You and Me Both, which topped the UK album charts in 1983.

The B-side  to "Don't Go" featured the track "Winter Kills" (4:02).

In the U.S., the single spent two weeks at the top of the American Dance Chart during Oct 1982.

Yazoo poster from Jackie Magazine (March 19 1983)

In the video, the setting is a spooky house of horror which features all the classic elements from old horror films such as a skeleton, cobwebs and Vince as a mad scientist in a white coat. The couple certainly appeared to have a lot of fun, at least.

Sadly, shortly before the release of You and Me Both, Vince Clarke and Alison Moyet announced they were to go their separate ways.

Yaz - Don't Go Remixes - U.S. Vinyl Sleeve


Vince Clarke Yazoo - Smah Hits Panini Sticker No.108

Vince Clarke showing off his very 80s hair swept over one eye look - Smash Hits Panini Sticker No.108